"I would found an institution where individuals and groups can be empowered to discover both, their greatest potential and educational path to contribute with their best to the world”

Ramiro Murguia, 2016


Bring affordable, educational opportunities to your associates and fellows, t


Tuition savings for your employees

Focused Learning

Small class sizes and flexible program formats to meet employees' needs, including on-site cohort opportunities

Engagement & Retention

WYAcademy partnerships help to promote employee growth and loyalty

A win-win partnership

We partner several Student Associations (SA) around the world, for example Social Studies Albania based in Tirana, or with RAIA Group based in Madrid. 

With RAIA Group we offer our high-quality programs and we focus on empower the association itself as the final participants by: 

  1. They organize and make the 20-people group mentioning their partner with the WYAcademy (Branding and Image empowerment).
  2. Their staff members can attend the program for free and receive the Official Certificate of Participation.
    The Certificate can also contain the logo of the SA and signature of maximum two persons from the SA (normally President and the assigned Program Coordinator).
  3. Because of this fruitful joint endevour and for letting the WYAcademy impact the young participants, we share the participation-fee-net-profit with the SA.

As a partner of the WYAcademy, you enable talented and high-achieving applicants to finance their studies in international affairs, securing diversity and equal opportunities within the Academy’s student community. Your partial scholarship donation will be doubled by the World Youth Academy, thus amplifying the impact of your contribution. In addition, you can benefit from meeting these highly qualified candidates early on and introducing them to your organization in the context of an internship or Professional Year.

WYAcademy’s partnership program helps companies and organizations focus on key human resources objectives including leadership, crisis communication management, crisis management, social media management, and convenient access to educational opportunities.

The WYAcademy partners with a number of universities, student associations and companies across the globe – through our educational partnership program.

An educational partnership agreement provides your organization’s fellows/employees with a 10% to 25% tuition discount* on all our programs, hybrid, in-person and online programs. Other benefits include:

  • There is no cost to your organization to set up a partnership – only the willingness to encourage fellows  to pursue their educational goals and provide information and referrals to the WYAcademy. It is simply a commitment on both WYAcademy and the partner’s side to promote and encourage your people to further their education and to reach their educational goals.
  • There are no minimum number of people needed to enroll.
  • The educational partnership remains active indefinitely or until either party chooses to discontinue the relationship.
  • Becoming an educational partner does not limit what schools employees of an organization can attend. It simply means that if any employees/members of an organization choose to become a student at our institution, they will receive the benefits included in the partnership agreement.

* Applies to students enrolling after date the partnership contract is signed. Offer is not retroactive for students already enrolled. Discount subject to change and/or cancellation at any time without notice. This offer cannot be combined with any other tuition discount(s).


We carefully choose our participants for each program as well as our collaborators and interns. We select those with the best attitude, strongest wish to develop an international careers, and of course, skills. Those profiles that combine the above will achieve a true impact through their participation in our Academy. Our goal is to boost careers and help create invaluable connections. Our programs and internal environment mean innovation and we aim to inspire leaders from all over the world. That is how we can raise agents of change.

Join our team

The WYAcademy is an international multi-disciplinary organization aimed at empowering young professionals by experiencing a richer education in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, crisis management, international cooperation and development and entrepreneurship.

Our vision

The WYAcademy aims at supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. In its strive as an independent, non-political, non-UN affiliated organization, the Academy motivates the visionaries and young changemakers from all over the world who attend its seminars to work towards these goals.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
from 10:00 to 17:30
Vienna time).

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