Thanks to extraordinary professionals and experts, we can create the perfect environment ready to learn, to explore, to question and to impact.

Ramiro Murguia

Director General, World Youth Academy

Billy Batware

Crime Prevention Project Officer, UNODC

Abraham Joseph

Expert on International Economic Policy 

Elena Martin

CEO, CivesSolutions

Joan Barata Mir

International Consultant


Florence Le Clézio

Communication Senior Assistant, OSCE

Sagi Zilbershatz

Israeli entrepreneur and activist

Elvira Segovia

Marketing Specialist,
Investor & Lecturer

Marlon Salazar

Post Operation Director at UN NYC HQs

Velina Tchakarova

Head of Institute, AIES


Arnold Kammel

Chief of Gabinet of the Minister at the Federal Ministry of Defence

Günter Hauser

President, Scientific Forum for International Security

Hernán Estrada

Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Consultant 

Senior Program Officer

Iulia Jolley-Socea

Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation Trainer


Michael Zinkanell

AIES Research Fellow & Shabka Secretary General

Darko Petrovic

Food Security Monitoring Consultant, WFP

Alfredo Montoya

President of the Collaborative Council

Pedro Pais Lopez

Director of the company Exaflop Sistemas Ltda

Lukas Wank

Founder and director of Shabka


Victor Pérez

CEO, CivesSolutions


Robert Ramírez

COO CivesSolutions and Professor in Germany

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