Your donation to the World Youth Academy is tax-deductible under Austria law. We are happy to provide you with a proof of donation upon request. If you reside outside of Austria, you may still be eligible for tax benefits.

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General Fund

The World Youth Academy has established itself as one of the leading professional security policy and conflict analysis schools in Europe with exceptional students and courses, a unique research and opinion blog, and regular public debates promoting international cooperation, development, peace, and good governance. Your support will equip young leaders, promote the public good, and ensure that an even wider spectrum of student and researchers can access the high-quality educational environment that the Academy offers.


Alumni Fund

The World Youth Academy alumni community is international and widely dispersed. The Alumni Fund was created to enhance projects that unite alumni from diverse regions and to extend the network’s reach. Funds are directed to enable, for example, travel stipends, international networking events and activities in our regional alumni hubs. Help us to facilitate experiences throughout our dispersed alumni community!


Student Fund

The Student Fund helps students overcome severe financial difficulties so that they can successfully complete their Hertie School studies. Some students face unexpected money problems despite their best efforts at planning. Your contribution will directly ease this burden and prevent students from needing to disrupt their studies due to financial struggles. A healthy bank balance means a clear mind for studying.

You can also donate by transferring money to the following account of the World Youth Academy.



  • Account holder: WORLD YOUTH ACADEMY – Verein für die Entwicklung und interkulturelle Bildung Jugendlicher“
  • IBAN: AT43 2011 1839 2995 0700
  • Bank: Erste Bank (Austria)
  • Bank account: 839 2995 0700   
  • Bank code: 20111       BIC (SWIFT): GIBAATWWXXX
  • World Youth Academy address: Europaplatz 2/1/2, 1150 Vienna, Austria
  • Bank Address: Grabenstrasse No. 21    ZP 1010, Vienna, Austria. Bank Telephone: +435 0100 – 10100

Please mention your last name and also specify the area you wish to donate to in the “topic” line.  If you plan to donate money by bank transfer, we would ask you to please also write us an email at hi (at) This will help us to contact you about further questions concerning your donation.

More information

Your donation to the Hertie School is tax-deductible under German law. Up to the amount of 200 euros, donors do not need a donation receipt from the Hertie School. We will send you a confirmation for the non-profit purpose of your contribution. Just include this document together with the transfer voucher with your tax declaration. If you reside outside of Germany, you may still be eligible for tax benefits. We recommend that you check with a local tax professional for details.


We carefully choose our participants for each program as well as our collaborators and interns. We select those with the best attitude, strongest wish to develop an international careers, and of course, skills. Those profiles that combine the above will achieve a true impact through their participation in our Academy. Our goal is to boost careers and help create invaluable connections. Our programs and internal environment mean innovation and we aim to inspire leaders from all over the world. That is how we can raise agents of change.

The WYAcademy is an international multi-disciplinary organization aimed at empowering young professionals by experiencing a richer education in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, crisis management, international cooperation and development and entrepreneurship.

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