Our WYAcademy Team is a highly engaged, empowered, and multicultural group of doers and young professionals. 

Empowerment is the base and mission of this energetic and creative team.

We have ideas, but we focus ourself on their execution and continuous improvement and always searching for new opportunities to challenge ourselves and the students of our programs in order to help them realize their talents and reach their fullest potential.


Tarik Ndifi

Advisor, Lecturer and Friend


Alfredo Montoya

Advisor, Lecturer and Friend


Manuel Echiburu



José Muñoz Meza



Gina Rada

Cartagena Colombia

Gina is such a specialist on International Cooperation.

Ariel Kuperman

Córdoba Argentina

Ariel works for Olami and studies international relations in Vienna.

Sebastian Wang


Sebastian studies a bachelor in political science in Vienna.


We carefully choose our participants for each program as well as our collaborators and interns. We select those with the best attitude, strongest wish to develop an international careers, and of course, skills. Those profiles that combine the above will achieve a true impact through their participation in our Academy. Our goal is to boost careers and help create invaluable connections. Our programs and internal environment mean innovation and we aim to inspire leaders from all over the world. That is how we can raise agents of change.

The WYAcademy is an international multi-disciplinary organization aimed at empowering young professionals by experiencing a richer education in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, crisis management, international cooperation and development and entrepreneurship.

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