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Scholars view democracy as a regime where rulers are elected on systems that allow for ideological alternation. Competition in which voters can decide upon different platforms means that, at least in theory, governments are accountable. Latin America is a region with a varied record on established and functional democracy. In the last ten years, many […]

The Wall has fallen

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The Wall has fallen. The Wall has fallen. Of course, it is very well known which wall is the Wall. On this day thirty years ago, people started crossing the Wall without getting shot to death. O tempora, o mores! What a victory. But it…

Myanmar's invisible conflict

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Myanmar was a British colony until January 4th, 1948 when the country became independent. In 1962, General Ne Win imposed a rigid blueprint in an attempt to create a self-sufficient socialist state, free from capitalist and communist influence,…

Catalonia: a dichotomy of ideologies dividing Spanish society

The recent crisis in Catalonia dates back to Franco's dictatorship when individual liberties were limited and the region's autonomy was eliminated. Although Catalonia's independence movement is not new, independent sentiments have intensified…

Is Democracy Dead? Latin America's Civil Unrest

  Much like Nietzsche’s link on Christianity and democracy, political theorists and leaders alike have come to view democracy as the ultimate regime; an almost divine method of peacefully settling disputes. With the spread of liberal…

Exhumation of the Spanish Dictator: What's The Controversy?

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Last Thursday, the 24th of October, the Spanish government with the Supreme Court's approval carried out its promise to exhume Francisco Franco’s remains from El Valle de lo Caídos (The Valley of the Fallen). Many international media outlets…


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Brexit is definitely one of the most popular topics at the moment, at the international level. Deal or no-deal, what that means for the EU and for the UK, what can immigrants expect, economy, will the boundaries be closed… It seems obvious,…

El Diplomado más prestigioso del mundo

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Diplomado en Negocios y Relaciones Internacionales Viena, Austria 2019.  Por World Youth Academy. Viena, Julio de 2019- Claro que esta nota debía comenzar con este título y no exactamente porque este Diplomado en Negocios y Relaciones…

A Dire Love Triangle (II): Europe's Cold peace?

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A climate of “Cold Peace” has been around Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The two major European centers of power, the European Union and Russia have developed two opposing approaches to international politics: the normative and…

Macron’s game of thrones

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Last Thursday, a man who has been starting to play games of power in the EU, with slow withdrawal of Angela Merkel, did not support the opening of accession talks for North Macedonia (and Albania). The European Union has internal issues, he…


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As previously explained, the EU created a recategorized nation-type identity which aimed, among others, to help the integration of all members of the Union, invite to cooperation and decrease intergroup bias, by that increasing positive attitudes…

Chronicle: Conflict Analysis & Foreign Policy Training

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The World Youth Academy alongside the Research & Advisory in International Affairs Group (RAIA) held this past weekend (11th-13th October) and for the very first time a Summit in Madrid, Spain. Notwithstanding its intensity and hard work,…

A Dire Love Triangle (I): the EU, Russia & Ukraine

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I. The path to Ukraine: EU's overstretching phenomena  The post-soviet space saw from 1991 the struggle for two different projects in Europe: Wider Europe, led by the EU's enlargement project, and Greater Europe, led by the Russian Federation,…


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Following the definition of the nation, the European Union built (or rather defined) a new form of identity, through the use of historical myths referring to a common Christian heritage, a common political and legal history going back to the…
War videogame

Geopolitics beyond the mainstream: how are violence and war normalized?

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Coined by Rudolph Kjellén, geopolitics was associated with Nazism throughout most of the 20th century and was only rediscovered within IR scholarship from the 70s.  Renewed, geopolitics reemerged along with the rise of the Realist view of…


It is in human nature to determine oneself as a member of social groups. Social identity is one of the strongest parts of our being. If somebody asks you Who are you? you will probably answer the question by placing yourself into different groups…

Do you believe in life after Merkel?

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Angela Merkel is a name well known to the whole world. The head of the leading Europe’s and one of the top world’s economies and the defender of the free world stepped down from the position of the leader of her party after losing support…

International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

“A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” Ronald Reagan, 1984 State of the Union   Nuclear weapons pose a unique threat to humanity. Not only could they destroy a whole city killing tens of thousands of people, cause…
Alliance of Civilizations

Dialogue of Civilizations: a path towards peace?

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As the International Day of Peace this past 21st of September has seen a world heading to more conflictual, uncertain situations and contexts; the rise of far-right politics or a global climate crisis among others, it is perhaps important to recover the politics of the Dialogue of Civilizations and pursue it.

What is Peace anyway?

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Today is World Peace Day. Except there is no peace for 69 countries in the world. Four ongoing wars have casualties toll above 10,000 people. Not all of them are soldiers. Some of the wars are intrastate, some are interstate. Many more cold…
George W. Bush, first to use 'war on terror' terminology

Selective memory: the Other 9/11

  Last week, the world witnessed the remembrance day of the terrorist attacks of the 11th of September 2001 perpetrated by Al Qaeda on American soil.  The attacks brought a new paradigm to the field of IR: war would never be the same.…