Founder and Director General at World Youth Academy

In early 2016, Ramiro Murguía founded, established and registered the World Youth Academy in Vienna, Austria and 2 months later in Mexico, rapidly becoming one of the most influential youth organizations worldwide due to its high-quality content and its relevance in the new global scenario. Ramiro has received several awards for his work on the social projects and since then he is developing programs to create, connect and inspire.

In 2010, during his time at the United Nations Vienna, Ramiro founded Latinomics Internacional also in Vienna, which became a success in Latin America.

E-mail: ram@worldyouth.academy   Currently based in: Vienna, Austria

He was born in Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico. Many thought he would not finish his studies at the university because of his trouble-maker spirit but he managed to graduate with remarkable grades. Ramiro holds two bachelor degrees both from Mexico, Industrial Engineering and Business Management; in Argentina he was granted with an international certification on ISO 14000 standard by the UTN; and finally he graduated from the Danube Universität Krems, Austria as MBA.

He has worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) supporting the early stage of the Nuclear Knowledge Management Initiative in the Nuclear Safety and Security Coordination Section within the NS Department. Ramiro has worked for United Nations Office at Vienna (part of UNDC) in the Procurement Section. He was also Project Manager at the Austrian Economics Center taking over IT and International projects.

Among his vast professional experience, Ram also worked for Totvs Latin America in Argentina as Consultant on Manufacturing and Engineering. He has been exponent in several youth summits in Argentina, Austria, Chile, Mexico, Peru and USA, as well as he has collaborated for both, National and International newspapers. During the first year at the university, his best friends (at that time) and Ram himself founded REMS (Results, Effort, Motivation and Satisfaction) which was the very first student open group of Continues Improvement in the entire state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Dear Young Professionals from all over the world,

Today, even with all the technology advancements and more opportunities than ever before, Education is still a privilege. Education is the opportunity but also the responsibility to make an impact in our community. We all have issues we care about, from the political to the philosophical, from the scientific to the imaginary, and it is education that can provide the tools to discuss these things with the nuance and care they deserve

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