Our exceptional students are dedicated to shaping a better tomorrow. Supporting them is a step that will certainly benefit your organisation. 

A win-win partnership

Support the World Youth Academy students: A win-win partnership

There are many good reasons to support WYAcademy students and interns: doing so helps equip young leaders who will usher in a better future for our economy; it takes personal responsibility for the public good; and it helps ensure that an even wider spectrum of students can access high-quality education. Not to mention the fact that supporting the World Youth Academy students is a step that will almost surely benefit your organization. 

Matching funds scholarships

As a partner of the matching funds scholarships initiative, you enable talented and high-achieving applicants to finance their studies in public policy and international affairs, securing diversity and equal opportunities within the school’s student community. Your partial scholarship donation will be doubled by the World Youth Academy, thus amplifying the impact of your contribution. In addition, you can benefit from meeting these highly qualified candidates early on and introducing them to your organization in the context of an internship or Professional Year.

Internship Scholarships

By becoming a Internship scholarships partner, your organization supports excellent young career who are participating in our internships programs and are closely connected to the Academy’s mission. Help enable these exceptional rising young professionals to pursue their growth and professional experience  and simultaneously promote innovative academic projects.


We carefully choose our participants for each program as well as our collaborators and interns. We select those with the best attitude, strongest wish to develop an international careers, and of course, skills. Those profiles that combine the above will achieve a true impact through their participation in our Academy. Our goal is to boost careers and help create invaluable connections. Our programs and internal environment mean innovation and we aim to inspire leaders from all over the world. That is how we can raise agents of change.

The WYAcademy is an international multi-disciplinary organization aimed at empowering young professionals by experiencing a richer education in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, crisis management, international cooperation and development and entrepreneurship.

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