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Smart Cities & the Youth
How to get involved and where the job opportunities are going to be
January 26th, 2022
4 sessions
Wed 26 Jan: 13:00-19:00 (CET)
International experts from 4 counties
e-Certificate of Participation
Presentation and readings will be shared
Vienna Smart Cities Institute
Co-organized with the Vienna Smart Cities Institute

Field: Smart Cities

Topic: The Youth and Smart Cities

Audience: undergraduate students, recently graduated and young professionals 

Certificate of participation issued by the World Youth Academy and the Vienna Smart Cities Institute.

When: January 26th, 2022.

Level of the discussion: Introductory to intermediate.

This program is co-organized with the Vienna Smart Cities Institute


A defining feature of smart cities is the ability of the component systems to interoperate each other and the incorporation of technology in as many decision-making processes as possible. But the question we address here is, what is the roll of the youth in making those processes effective city and what are the job opportunities young people need to find? 

Every city needs to have a serious policy to involve the youth into the development of the city’s vision, smartness and job market.

Lecture, discussion, group exercises, and solo presentations.

Hands-on exercises provide a practical approach that enables you to apply the methods learned during and after the workshop. Several tools are provided for you to implement. You will present a portion of the training materials brought with you to the group.

Please bring a laptop with Microsoft Powerpoint and Word included and your own training presentation on a memory stick for a truly interactive workshop.

  1. 13:00-13:50 CET   Javier Creus, Ideas for Change. Workshop: “Data sharing (TBA)“: 
  2. 14:00-14:50 CET   Vitor Pereira, Zoom Global Smart Cities Association. Keynote: (TBA) 
  3. 16:00-16:50 CET   Arick Soo, SMU Smart City Society. “A Youth Perspective of the Smart City Scene in Singapore”
  4. Lecture 1 by XXX, Organization. 17:00-17:50
  5. 18:00-18:40.  Ramiro Murguia, Vienna Smart Cities Institute. Workshop “How to find your way in a Smart City job market”. 
  6. 18:40-18:50 Final message by the TEAM and end of the Summit.

Ramiro Murguia

President of the Vienna Smart Cities Institute


Vitor Pererira

Co-Founder of Zoom Global Smart Cities Association


Jorge Creus

Founder of Ideas for Change


Arick Soo

Co-Founder of Smart Cities Youth Network


The training will be held at:


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