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Inspiring YOUth Team

WYAcademy: Tell us what you do

Raphaela: Recently I just started my Master studies in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets at Maastricht University in collaboration with the United Nations University, which means that currently I am a full-time student again.

WYAcademy: How you ended up doing what you’re currently doing?

RaphaelaI have joined the Academy shortly after Covid-19 hit the world and especially Germany where I am currently residing. Actually different than expected, it was the perfect time frame to do an online internship, since I was in the middle of my Gap Year. Before, I had finished a great internship at the Lufthansa Group, with which I would have done another internship abroad but due to the circumstances everything changed suddenly – That was when I again came across the World Youth Academy since I have already known the programs and loved its contribution – Rather than just participating in one of the Programs I just mailed Ramiro and basically asked him about the possibility to work with the Academy. 

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WYAcademy: What is one of the biggest obstacles you had to face to get where you are and how you managed to make it work?

Raphaela: One of the biggest obstacle for me, I think has always been figuring out my place in the world, by constantly asking myself  “What is going to be the big purpose of my life?” – I wouldn’t say I have already figured that out perfectly by now, but it is so rewarding to see, that somehow even passively, the steps are getting connected with every decision I take.

WYAcademy: What are the three things that make you feel proud of you?

Raphaela: 1) Coffee, 2)The love I have for live, and, 3) my determination to keep learning day by day and apply that knowledge to make this world a little bit better every time

WYAcademy: What are three things that make you stand up every morning to keep doing what you do?

Raphaela: My capacity to transform visions into actions, my empathy and my hands-on mentality or the results of challenging myself. 

WYAcademy: What is the biggest impact the WYAcademy had in your personal life?

Raphaela: Being part of the World Youth Academy gives me a constant satisfaction of contributing to a great purpose and challenging myself as a Changemaker

1) Coffee

2)The love I have for live, and

3) my determination to keep learning day by day and apply that knowledge to make this world a little bit better every time

WYAcademy: What is the most lively/remarkable memory you have from the WYAcademy? Why?

Raphaela: Definitely the Diplomado Internacional for Latin America I co-organized – The richness of backgrounds, nationalities, visions and characteristics of each participant was overwhelming!

WYAcademy: Two advices that you would like to tell youngsters

Raphaela: As Anita Roddick said: “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.” – Do not be afraid to make an impact – even if you consider it to be small, you have the ability to stimulate change and 2) Embrace your potential and your ideas – always put 110% in everything yo do! As well, be patient with yourself if things are not going the way you planned, everything will connect (the dots, right Steve?)

WYAcademy: .

Raphaela: The World Youth Academy is one of the few places (physical and virtual) where you can get a real opportunity to experience institutions and international organizations first-hand. The power of network you can create by directly interacting with each and everyone of the Speakers and well-known International Experts is unique – Our speakers, our participants and the Academy itself are all working towards one common goal: connect and learn with like-minded peers to take action in one of the relevant fields and lift your development to the next level!

Alejandra Coronel Mengelle

Alejandra Coronel Mengelle

Inspiring YOUth Team

Alejandra was born and raced in Mexico. She holds a bachelors degree in International Affairs from Universidad Iberoamericana, and she is currently studying a postgraduate course in International and National Security from National Autonomous University of México (UNAM). Ale enjoys learning and researching about International Security, and Middle East topics.

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