Ramiro Murguía

Sincerely yours,

Ramiro II Murguía Espinoza 

Founding Director 



Dear Young Professionals from all over the world,

Today, even with all the technology advancements and more opportunities than ever before, Education is still a privilege. Education is the opportunity but also the responsibility to make an impact in our community. We all have issues we care about, from the political to the philosophical, from the scientific to the imaginary, and it is education that can provide the tools to discuss these things with the nuance and care they deserve. 

The World Youth Academy was established in 2016 in the Center of Europe as a strategic location to reach as much youngsters as possible. We do not rest on the laurels of our prestige however, today we seek to be a society that is as inclusive as it can possibly be. The WYAcademy accepts and teaches anyone who is willing. We work for a brighter future by helping you get to any kind of level you want to achieve. Whether that’s becoming a world class Diplomat, a Business Person, a more competitive professional, or just having access to some of the highest quality programs in the world, the Academy is here for you.

Speaking personally, WYAcademy has helped me find some of the best friends I could ever have hoped for. Our values are solid and prioritize respect, diversity, vision, hope and maybe the most important to achieve the rest, ATTITUDE. We accommodate both competitive people searching for professional experience, and those who wish improve their skills and have a group to belong to. We are an extended family for you and each other in our team and presencial programs. As Founding Director I will do my utmost to ensure that positive ethos is maintained throughout the activities we have. We stand for education and its contribution to the society’s progress and development, but we only achieve this if reach out as much people as possible. I will strive to ensure the WYAcademy is always a safe space for its members and that there is sufficient accountability and access to a place at the podium. 

I really believe in the work we do, and our growth and success as a union over the last few years speaks to that belief. I could not be prouder to be Director of an Academy with such a record and the matching potential for the future and my work is dedicated to delivering on this message just as much as I am. 

We are really looking forward to meeting and working with you all and welcoming you to the World Youth Academy.

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