After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at Malmö University in 2014, Michael Zinkanell worked at the Austrian National Defence Academy, Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Management, analysing the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. In 2018 Michael Zinkanell successfully finished his master’s degree in International Development at the University of Vienna. During the research for his master’s thesis on Japanese development initiatives in Afghanistan and Iraq, Michael Zinkanell worked at the Afghan Embassy in Tokyo in 2017.

Since January 2019, Michael Zinkanell has been working at the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy as a Research Fellow. His focus lies in analysing global geopolitical trends as well as researching the latest developments in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Furthermore, Michael Zinkanell is involved in the strategic Think&Do-Tank Shabka in organising and implementing projects and events focussing on security and foreign policy.

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