Ernesto Ángeles Guerrero

Internationalist and M.D. in international relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Specialist in the political analysis of cyberspace and its technologies such as the internet, 5G, and artificial intelligence. Work experience as a political analyst in the private sector (2013-2018) and as a researcher on the protection of personal data in civil society (2018-2019).

Author of writings and research on topics such as cyberwar, cybersecurity, protection of personal data and cyberspace.

Volunteer in different cyberspace and internet governance organizations such as the Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the Artificial Intelligence Agenda for Mexico (IA2030MX) and the Internet Society (ISOC) Mexico chapter.

Currently working as a researcher and commentator at InfodemiaMx, a Mexico City government program for digital education against disinformation, part of the UN initiative against infodemic

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