Be part of Latinomics and become one of our partners in your country.

Since the beginning of Latinomics, the organization was based on generating win-win relationships. Therefore we launched the International Partner Program.

Network of Latinomics International Partners consists already of people from 11 countries around the world. We work together to bring the most qualified and well-trained professionals into the Latin American culture and market.

We are looking for someone with tons of awesomeness and creative ideas, who loves to talk about that and who understands and loves entrepreneurial challenges. She, or he, has to be a leader, a creative and easy-going person, a change maker, and has to contribute with great ideas, actions and great attitude to Latinomics’ projects and have a desire to work in an international team

The goal of the International Partner Program is to represent Latinomics in countries from which partners are coming from. Each representative takes care of marketing, research, business & education development, recruitment of candidates for our International Programs, and is als responsible  for all issues concerning Latinomics and partner’s home-country.

Experience wonderful culture of Latin America as a Social Innovator:

Latin America face three main challenges:

a) Improvement of life quality,

b) Economy growth,

c) Improvement of eco-friendly and sustainable development.

Those challenges is why Latinomics was founded. As an international organization we run social programs in aim to pursue, understand and improve Latin America but also bring inspiration, new ideas and culture to communities.

As Latinomics International Partner you will have chance to be true social innovator – by bringing know-how from your country to Latin America. Experience Latin Culture and make a true impact!

Global Business Partner

International Partners play a relevant role in the Latinomics Entrepreneurship Programs. They are responsible for helping Latinomics global partners,  students and entrepreneurs. They provide relevant information in order to increase international business relationships. As our representatives you will be able to organize business trips to promote your own country.
In addition, as a International Partner you will be responsible for making links between market in your faterland and the one in Latin America which consists of more than 600 millions inhabitants in 24 countries.

A world of opportunities is waiting for you, become a Latinomics International Partner


International Partners participate in our educational programs by coaching and giving virtual seminars to Latinomics students about cultural aspects and potential opportunities of their fatherland.

By participating in the program, International Partner will gain experience, develop leading skills,  increase their knowledge and understanding of Latin American market but above all – create a network with all our participants in Latin America (among them students, entrepreneurs and organizations).

International Partner will be able to help their own country by providing international & educational programs, organizing tourist trips to promote their fatherland, working as a link between Latin American students and entrepreneurs who would be interested in work, travel or do business abroad. As Latinomics Partner you will have free access to our international programs, meetings, and openings conducted in Austria and México.