Pitch Your Story

If you were in an elevator with innovators from the UN, what would you want to tell them? We would like to hear from you about the entrepreneurial projects you are working on, the people you are working with, and the innovative solutions you have come across to solve global challenges.

Pitch us your idea today. We will review your submissions and share with innovators at the UN and members of the UN Foundation team.

What’s in a pitch?

Keep it short. You only have space for 500 characters.
Keep it creative. You must include at least one photo and/or video.
Keep it relevant. How is this approach accelerating humanitarian solutions?
Keep it innovative. Tell us why this is a new or improved way to solve global challenges.

A photo or video must be included with your story submission so that we can better understand your idea. Content that is submitted may be used on the Global Accelerator site


Length: ~150 sec

1. Introduction: 15 sec

(talk about the team)

2. Problem: 60 sec

3. Solution: 60 sec

Market (valuation, size, competitors, customers)
Business Model
Traction (if there is any)

4. Needs: 15 sec



Prepare and Practice
Be consistent: One message, One story
Keep it short and to the point
Be clear: an effective elevator pitch can be understood by your grandparents too
Be credible: business is not a fairytale
Know your audience and connect with them
Watch the line: be confident but not arrogant
Show your passion and commitment
Last but not least: Keep calm and carry on


Outline a problem and tell you want to solve it
USP is not only a buzzword (Tell why your product is unique)
Vision: point out the advantage for the customer
Know who is your customer
The secret ingredient is people: Introduce the team and skills
Investors want ROI. Tell them how you will make them rich.
The size matters: know your market potential