We answer all your questions about your potential internship at the #WYAcademy

Why doing an internship with the WYAcademy?

Doing an online internship with the WYAcademy helps students to gain experience in a range of topics and a very divers working environment. Through our programs, you will build valuable connections that help you to learn about job opportunities for young professionals.


What do I need?

Since the WYAcademy’s internships are online, you only need a computer, a high dose of accountability, and share the values of the WYAcademy.

Is this an employment?

The internship with the WYAcademy requires responsibility, abilities, accountability and your “best” to deliver within the assigned tasks. However, due to its nature, the internship is not acting as an employer. Instead, the WYAcademy’s mission is to be a platform for giving first-hand experience to young people who want to take up responsibilities and exchange they learning with other students and young professionals. 

Can I validate the internship at my university?

Yes, depending on the specific requirements of your university, the internship with the WYAcademy can be validated by your university. 
Once you are accepted as an intern, you can send the documents from your university to be filled in by the WYAcademy or your university can contact us directly.  


Is the internship paid?

Since the WYAcademy is a self-financed, non-profit organization, the WYAcademy has no funds to pay allowances or salaries to their interns. 

Since the beginning, the organization has been founded by Ram Murguia, and his financial contributions have allowed the organization to pay its obligations. 

Do I get a certificate for the internship?

You will get a certificate of completion at the end of your successful internship. The certificate will detail your responsibilities and duties that you had during the internship.

How much time do I have to spend during the internship?

The minimum time allotment for an internship with the WYAcademy is 15 hours per week. The Academy is flexible in the assignments for its staff, as long as deadlines are respected and the agreed quality standards is maintained.

Is there an age limit for internships?

The age limit for internships with the WYAcademy is 18 years. Also, interns should not be older than 29 years, but exceptions can be made.

Must my studies be related to the internship position?

There is no need to exactly reflect your study topics during the internship. Some former WYAcademy interns and staff members have studied international relations or international security. But it is more important for the WYAcademy what your interests are and make sure that your assigned tasks match these interests.

Do I have to complete studies before the internship?

For the internship, it does not matter if you are still pursuing your studies or if you have already graduated.

Do I have to move to Vienna for the internship?

Since the internship is online, there is no requirement to move to Vienna. However, if you plan to do so, be informed that the Austrian Labor Ministry does not consider and internship a valid reason to apply for a working visa.

How long is the internship?

The minimum length for an internship with the WYAcademy is six months, however a duration of 12 month is preferred.

Is my nationality or place of residence any relevant?

All nationalities are very much welcome. Besides, and since the WYAcademy’s staff members and experts are located in different time zones around the globe, it does not matter in which country you are located during the internship either.

Can I share my new position on social media?

We love that! You can share your new position everywhere.

We encourage you to do it specially on LinkedIn.

Is my sexual preference or gender relevant?

We welcome diversity and promote it in all its ways. The WYAcademy is an inclusive institution that promotes respect and fights against sexism, racisms, and other biases.


Which languages do I have to speak?

All communication within the WYAcademy is English. Spanish is the second language in which some of the WYAcademy’s trainings are taught.  


Our WYAcademy Team is multidisciplinary, multicultural, energetic and creative by nature; we are unique by our very DNA. We are full of ideas and always searching for new opportunities to challenge ourselves and the students of our programs in order to help them realize their talents and reach their fullest potential.


To build bridges of opportunity between the every continent to better education, knowledge and technology.


To achieve a global impact in providing effective programs in four fields: International Security, Social Innovation, Education and Entrepreneurship.



The right attitude is equally as valued as the highest skills and knowledge. ​


We want people who truly want to excel and impact.


Anyone can join us, but we want those who are committed to our cause.​


These are the areas actually in which we would love to have you impacting within the WYAcademy.​​


We are a result-oriented organization, so, you could even build up your dream job.

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