How much does the program cost?

Where goes the money to?

Latinomics is an international nonprofit organization aimed to Create, Connect and Inspire through high impact programs in 3 major areas: Education, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The contribution of the Future Makers Program depends on the duration and destination. For a list of costs of all programs, you can download the table of contributions.

Save up to 30% on your trip. Remember that you can choose your program with airfares and insurance inclusive. Latinomics finds the best option for you according to your preferred destination and season, AT THE BEST PRICE.

Through your contribution we will not only provide a quality program where we include:

  • Accommodation
  • Food (at least 1 day)
  • Excursions and / or Cultural Activities
  • Cultural Training
  • Diploma as “International Volunteer” by the Host Organization
  • International Certificate curricular value as “Social Innovator” by Latinomics

But we are also able to:

  • Support, Coach, Develop & Growth Communities and NGOs that are changing the world in positive ways.
  • Donate and contribute funds to organizations or innovative social initiatives.
  • Develop programs with great social impact on communities or sectors in need of empowerment.
  • Provide scholarships to those who do not have the financial resources but have the skills and commitment necessary to make a real social change and innovation
  • Provide the experience you need to become a true Social Innovator.

Social Impact

Visit the projects supported, funded and / or created  THANKS to YOUR contributions

How and when do i have to pay my contribution to the program?


You can save your spot by paying only 300 USD via credit card or bank transfer. You can visit the page of contributions for more details on the different possibilities.

Once your receive your letter of acceptance to the program, you have 30 days to save your spot.

Please visit the page Latinomics Scholarships to learn more about the scholarships available.

Are you a real social innovator? Latinomics gives scholarships to the best profiles, who operate with energy, talent, optimism and creativity regardless of race, social status, gender or sexual orientation. Please apply to your preferred program, answer your questionnaire and show us why we should grant you a scholarship.