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Why millennials should rule the world

The answer is simple: the world is changing too fast and they’re the only ones that can keep pace. And they were left with destroyed economy, debts, wars and crashed societies. So yes, it’s only fair now that they take over the world and finally fix it.

Thinking I’m overly optimistic? Not realistic? Then please pay attention to the perfect, experienced leaders nowadays. Who do you like better, Putin or Trump? What about Orban and Erdogan? I believe their political experience is what this world needs. Not.

Let me tell you about some scientifically proven facts about millennials. First of all, they process information in a different way. They construct knowledge and create content instead of just passively receiving it. Digital technologies are a part of their psyche. They cannot be lead in traditional leadership ways. Leadership needs to be adapted to them, if you want to keep them and pull the best out of them. In their own leadership, they are motivated by fighting injustice, helping others and overcoming adversity and standing up for their beliefs.

The vast majority of current leaders stems from the era of industry and economy based on physical production. Today’s economy is knowledge-oriented and technological advancement is happening almost at daily level. Millennials are more adaptable to the new contexts and challenges and “old” leadership models are not fit for their new ways of thinking.

Also, the majority of today’s governments is conservative and prone to social dominance. The young are more liberal, actually even more liberal than they think they are. They are the ones that can tackle globalization because they are the ones who understand it –they live it. They form a major part of migrant force and they are the ones that get to know all the challenges on that path.

Older generations cannot lead the world of millennials anymore. They don’t understand it and they can’t answer their needs. The rising of millennials in governments and leadership positions, such as the new Finnish government or the amazing and powerful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, should be welcomed, because they will also take care of those from older generations. It’s where vice versa does not apply.

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