International Organization

We are a young international organization that works on global projects of Social Innovation, Education, Entrepreneurship in conjunction with United Nations, linking students, universities, entrepreneurs, enterprises, governmental & non-governmental organizations, international organizations and institutions around the world. Latinomics is dedicated to analyze and impact Latin American region.

Latin America + Economics

Latinomics is dedicated to analyze and impact Latin American region. The term “LATINOMICS” comes from the combination of the “Latin America” and “Economics”.


As an international organization we run social programs in aim to pursue, understand and improve Latin America but also bring inspiration, new ideas and culture to this region formed by near 600 million inhabitants across 20 countries known as Latins.

The region of Latin America has three principal challenges:

  1. Improving Quality of Life
  2. Economic Growth
  3. Environomental and Sustainable Development

Those challenges is why Latinomics was founded.


We want to attract various talents from around the world. We are always searching for people with background in Economics, Finance, Engineering, Computer Science and Programming, Agriculture etc. We work together with a common goal: to help people around the world understand and improve Latin America.

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We want to provide consulting, projects, engineering, publications and educational programs through our talented international crew which specializes in three fields:
  • Social Innovation
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship


Build bridges of opportunity between the world and Latin America Provide access to better education, knowledge and technology. Share rich culture of Latin America to the world.